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If you didn't understand the MouseOver text...
They are all composed in the same way.  I tried to take the one word the owner of the directory wanted as their name, and tie it in with an Utena character that they chose.  Results were surprisingly good.

evil: "the evil ingenue"
At one point in the series, Juri calls Utena "cruelly innocent" or something like that.  An ingenue is an innocent.  It works.

slave: "the slave to obsession"
Miki is a slave to his obsession of finding his "shining thing".

mistress: "the closet mistress"
If anyone in this series could be a good dominatrix, it's Juri.  But then again...

hate: "sekai no hate"
The phrase means "end of the world", that ominous phrase used so often in the series.  It also makes a frighteningly good pun.


The domain name:
I wonder what people think it means.  But the way I got the name was playing Tekken 3. Ling Xiaoyu's infamous juggle-launching backwards hook kick is called "Mistrust".  That's all.